Above the Core™ BETA 0.01 #LD48 #LD29 Compo submission by Ben McGaughey (bugninja) (@benmc) ©2014
This game is changing often, and you may lose your saved data.
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Above the Core

The objective of the game, Above the Core, is to dig and explore beneath the surface as much as you can, and explore to discover as much coal, gold, and diamonds as possible. It's known as an Incremental Clicker game.


I was only able to finish so much during the #LD48 #LD29 48 hour compo, so I've split the game below into the competition version, and the version that I'm still updating to add upgrades, features, etc. Your score does not cross-over between the 2 versions.

#LD48 Version - This version will not be supported and will be taken down after the compo ends.

Updated Version | iPad Version

Feature roadmap for updated version.